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I have been selling GreenSmoke e-cigs as an affiliate for approximately 3 years. Toward the end of December, I was contacted by GreenSmoke saying my affiliate account was to be terminated. I can no longer access my account including all of my sales data as they have blocked my affiliate account.

GreenSmoke promised Lifetime Residuals on the sales from all of my past customers. As they have closed my account, I will lose literally thousands of dollars.

My Emails to Green Smoke have gone unanswered. If you are considering becoming a GreenSmoke Affiliate, I recommend against it.

Also See http://greensmokeaffiliate.weebly.com/

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I am a former Green Smoke employee. If there is anything I can do to help, please contact me.

to FormerGSemployee Willington, Connecticut, United States #1102803

Do you have any information from inside Green Smoke on this matter?


Without any notice Green smoke Terminated my affiliate account from January 1st 2016.


Was just terminated as an affiliate and have been with them since 2011. My residuals are over $500 month. NOT happy right now and am ready to join a class action.

to Anonymous #1097058

I was promised commissions for life of the customers I bring to Green Smoke.

GreenSmoke terminated my account 01/01/2016 for no reason.

Guess they got tired of paying me 20% of whatever my customers order from them.

Can you please provide an email address? Or message me at ruvishkas(at)gmail.com

to Anonymous #1097214



whats going on. anyone leading class action?

if not.

I will. This is unlawful, simple.

to Litigant #1075042



Yeah, same here.

I'd been a registered and PRODUCING affiliate with Greensmoke since they launched. Now, can't log into the dashboard, can't check stats, NOTHING.

I hate thinking about the residual income I'm losing every day on repurchases from customers I've sent them over the years.

I feel taken advantage of, and ultimately scammed.

Willington, Connecticut, United States #996238

You need to make GS contact all parties involved.

Sandwich, Massachusetts, United States #996223

Please encourage all affiliates that have been working with Green Smoke prior to December 11, 2011 to contact our office at the following email address: greensmokeclassaction@yahoo.com.

I am a former affiliate and my office is investigating this matter with Altria's general counsel, to see what their offer for remuneration might be.

to Anonymous #996243

Thank you

to Anonymous Richmond, British Columbia, Canada #1095107

I have been an affiliate since May 2011 and had my account terminated with no reason Dec 2015. Just emailed you!

Charleston, West Virginia, United States #936121

There is a class action lawsuit pending over this issue. They know it is cheaper to get sued than to keep paying the affiliates.


Without it's affiliates Green Smoke would be nowhere today.

It's all about profit and greed, now they are making millions per year they can discard the affiliates who built there business.

Boycott Green Smoke

Palmetto, Florida, United States #912828

My greensmoke affiliate account was also terminated. Just saw the notice today in my inbox - was dated back at the beginning of November.

I went hunting for emails because I couldn't login.

What the heck is going on...I have been an affiliate for years and have brought them TONS of business.

This is really crappy. I emailed them to see what is going on.

to Chris Willington, Connecticut, United States #912926

Please post Green Smokes reply.

When my account was terminated, it took 4 days of phone calls to get a straight answer.

They gave me several BS reasons why the account was terminated. Finally, they said the account was terminated because I had the word "quit" in my url (http://www.easytoquit.org/). Surprisingly, they could not show me in their TOS anything relating to this type of violation. In the end, I was basically told to get lost and forget about lifetime residuals.

Also see the post here explaining how to get a hold of Green Smoke.

Don't lie down and take it.

Jaffrey, New Hampshire, United States #906966

I encourage everyone who has had their account terminated to write to Green Smoke, Altria tobacco and their Attorney General about this issue. If enough people let Green Smoke aka Altria tobacco know we won't put up with this, they'll do something.

If everyone does nothing, nothing will happen. Here is the contact info for Altria, Green smoke and a link to the Attorneys General for all states:



Philip Morris USA (Altria Company)


U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company (Altria Company) 800-650-7411 Green Smoke http://www.greensmoke.com/ecig-info/contact-us.html Toll Free*: (888) 224 1345 Miami, FL: (305) 851 5795 NY, NY: (212) 845 9813 Attorneys General http://www.naag.org/current-attorneys-general.php Of course you will be ignored when you call or email them.

But after 10-20 calls from everyone, they will start to listen. You should also spread the link to this page (http://green-smoke.pissedconsumer.com/green-smoke-affiliate-account-cancelled-20140120471933.html) around as some of those who have been scammed by Altria may be helped by this.


They did the same thing to me. My residuals were over $200 per month, and now that will be gone with little warning.

I worked hard under the promise that I would be paid LIFETIME residuals. I can understand this usually means the lifetime of the company... but they are still a profitable business!

I feel ripped off.

Coventry, Connecticut, United States #904931

Green Smoke was sold to Altria tobacco. They will eventually terminate all affiliates to stop paying residuals. If any lawyers read this or if anyone knows a lawyer, there will be big money in a class action suit.

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