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  • Customers like
    • Customer service 3
    • Fine before they stopped fulfilling orders 2
    • Taste is great 2
  • Customers don't like
    • Cartridges burn out fast 5
    • Lack of responsibility for product 4
    • Poor quality 4

I have been reading the reviews and totally agree, the batteries won't charge, I have to use 3 cartridges a day now, etc. My ears have been hurting and I really think it is because I have to draw so hard on the cartridge. Not to mention my smoker's lines above my lips are getting worse from drawing so hard! Customer service is good, but the product itself has gone way downhill from when I started using them 3 years ago.I love the taste of the... Read more

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Having been a regular customer for many years, I am appalled at the present state of this company - from the quality of the product to the barely-existing customer service. Last couple of years has been steadily down the hill - the cartridges hold less and less, the battery life is shortened; if & when they bother to respond to inquiries, it is usually after a week or two. It took almost a month to register the return of the recyclable... Read more

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I've used greensmoke for about 5 years and the quality of the product has gone down hill significantly. There's a burnt taste to some of the cartridges and no consistancy as to how long they last. I reported this to customer service and was told they had never heard this complaint before, which from reading other reviews is false. Delivery time has become very undependable. My complaints regarding delivery were never addressed. At this point... Read more

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I am so glad I found this page. I have used GS for about 5 years. I use to use 3 packs of cartridges a month, then it went to 5, yet I hadn't changed my usage. Then it went to 10, I started thinking the cartridges weren't being filled. I used 5 packs last week, and still my usage hasn't changed. I bought new batteries, they are only holding a charge for about 2 hours. Reward points, first they only give them if you contact them to tell them... Read more

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For anyone new, thinking on purchasing Green Smoke, my advice is (sadly) stay away! -Customer Service now, 2016, is good for nothing. I been having the same issue over and over again since 2015 and was never resolved. -They reduced the flavors a long time ago without previous notice, so a lot of people lost they favorite flavor but even then, we continued as customers.They never replaced the discontinued flavours. They just reduced the... Read more

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Been using GreenSmoke for almost 5 years now. Had a lifetime warranty when purchased, but, like all good things this has been retracted due to massive battery failure after a junk redesign of the batteries. Batteries used to last up to 6 or 7 months. After redesign, batteries last a couple of weeks to a couple of months at most. Have to pay $7.00 to replace now. Cartridges have also gone down in quality/time of use. I used to get almost a... Read more

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I bought cartridges from Greensmoke but they had expired. When I tried to return them they said I had to give them a copy of my driver license or they wouldn't exchange them. I have an account with the. Why do they need my license? What a ripoff. Read more

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I thought it was me. One cartridge would last me at least a day, most of the time 2 days. I also quit cigarettes in favor of these... 3 years tobacco free this September! A shout out to the girl with one year tobacco free under her belt!!! I HEAR YOU!!! Congrats to you on your 1st year, and don't let this ruin that accomplishment! I know they say it's NOT a smoking cessation device, but after 2 weeks, my menthols didn't taste minty... Read more

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What's up GS? Your CS was A++++. Now, I call and your closed. Your open until midnight Wednesdays and Thursdays? (when I called).. Midnight? It's 7:30pm EST, 10:30pm Pacific Time. 2. Says leave my #, we'll call back. Did that. 3. NO ONE on chatline either!!? YOU SENT A DOUBLE ORDER, SAME DAY! I cannot afford both! I would have gotten them together, CHEAPER!?!? NOT SEPARATELY @same time! Common sense. Read more

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I thought I was going crazy, but other customers have confirmed my suspicions. They are definitely putting less liquid in the cartridges as they don't last nearly as long for me as they used to when I first started buying from Green Smoke. I even consciously tried to puff on them less throughout the day than I usually do and they still don't last as long as they used to!!! But they've upped their prices for sneakily less product, haven't... Read more

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