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  • Customers like
    • Customer service 3
    • Fine before they stopped fulfilling orders 2
    • Taste is great 2
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    • Cartridges burn out fast 5
    • Lack of responsibility for product 4
    • Poor quality 4

We all got burnt by Green smoke but today there are many options available with many more flavors and in my opinion much better flavor longer lasting and great customer service. The name of the company is Easy Puff, they have distributors all over the world and offer a compatible product to green smoke. I have tried all the other compatible products and this company Easy Puff got it rite. They offer 12 amazing flavors they are not trying to... Read more

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I've been using Green Smoke for a year now and have been loving it. That is, up until now. Apparently, they just upgraded their computer system, and now I couldn't even sign in to their web site. I have monthly auto-ship with them. I received a blank email about my shipment, with no info. I called them twice already, wondering where my shipment is at. Then they try to say that they're having an issue with my shipping address. Seriously? ... Read more

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Never gets me my packages on time, always takes them 3 days from ordering to ship off my order. When their deliveries are late shipping, they do not send any notice as to why it's late. Get your *** together.

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Easy Puff is compatible with Green Smoke but offers much more
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If you are a distributor and would like to get a premium product which is compatible with Green smoke for a fraction of the price you can send your e-mail to Easy Puff is already distributed in 10 countries around the world with many happy customers and we are looking to make exclusive relationships throughout the world. Our two piece technology which is compatible with Green smoke comes with twelve robust flavors and we... Read more

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Since Altria took over Green Smoke their customer service has gone to ***. I called for a label to recycle uses cartridges never got it and they skipped an auto ship order. My account shows that I reordered my shipment 6 days in a row I'll call them this week and get them straightened out. Been a customer for years

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I have used Green Smoke for the last year and half. I thought it was only me having bad luck with cartridges and batteries until I started reading these reviews. I have decided to go to V2 and I'm not thrilled about it as I loved GS for their customer service. I've already had problems with V2 customer service and wish GS would go back to the way they used to make their cartridges and batteries. They were the best! The batteries and cartridges... Read more

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I'm reading these other reviews and finding that I am having the same experience. It has been about a year since I started having problems when before, everything was amazing! The cartridges lasted a long time, the batteries did as well. So when I wasn't having issues with batteries, the cartridges lasted like Fruit Stripe gum. The best gum for about 30 seconds. Then they changed the names, and the quality of the cartridges. Now the cartridges... Read more

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When I first bought this product in stores I absolutely loved them! The cartridges always lasted at least two days. Then they switched up their flavors and names, and the new flavor's tasted different. I adjusted and even stated to have cartridges auto-shipped every couple of weeks. I then started noticing that the cartridges did not even last a day, sometimes they were gone in a few hours, and no I was not vaping more. I wrote a review on... Read more

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Green Smoke have shortened their cartridge shelf life to 6 months according to a chat i had with an online representative. does anyone have info on this? Are the ingredients of lower quality than before? This is worrying and the change was not communicated to customers to my knowledge, they also sent me cartridges with 2-3 months left before expiry which is ridiculous! Thanks to anyone who has information about this! xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx... Read more

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The battery is flashing at the end 3 times and then the green light at the end turns off.What doest his mean? Read more

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