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Green Smoke have shortened their cartridge shelf life to 6 months according to a chat i had with an online representative. does anyone have info on this? Are the ingredients of lower quality than before? This is worrying and the change was not communicated to customers to my knowledge, they also sent me cartridges with 2-3 months left before expiry which is ridiculous! Thanks to anyone who has information about this! xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx... Read more

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On the website they now advise to buy a Nicolites e-cigarette. This e-cig however is not compatible with your GreenSmoke charger and adapter. Novus Fumus now offers an Atlantic Aqua Starter Kit for FREE to all UK and Ireland residents. The Atlantic Aqua e-cig is 100% compatible with Green Smoke, and Novus Fumus can provide you with up to 20 flavors for this e-cig. All compatible with your current GreenSmoke battery and chargers.... Read more

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The battery is flashing at the end 3 times and then the green light at the end turns off.What doest his mean? Add comment

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I'm pleased! They fit perfectly. They work perfectly. And the menthol flavor is exactly the same. My sister and I even closed our eyes for a taste test and both of us picked Atlantic over the GS Menthol Ice. Tragedy averted. Shipping from USA was reasonable but I bought enough so I got my Greenwich Village Menthol packs shipped free to the UK. I bought the buy 10 get 3 packs free plus a free battery and USB plug (I didn't need them but I'll... Read more

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I read online that the operational issue message we see here in the UK for Green Smoke is just an excuse. It seems like they are shutting down for good in the UK as they have done in the EU too. Shame on you, Green Smoke. You offer a great product and then leave us out to dry like this? What kind of company does that??? I am moving on to v2 cigs. I am seeing a lot of good reviews about them. Your loss Green Smoke. On a side note: does anyone... Read more

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In my experience, companies are usually able to resolve operational issues in the span of a day or two. Why in the world has been unable to resolve theirs for the past month? People on here are saying that GS has stopped distribution in other parts of the world. If that's happening in the UK, then I guess I'm out of luck after two years of using these products? I googled Green Smoke Europe of out desperation and it looks like... Read more

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GreenSmoke did the same thing in Australia last year! Left all their customers without refills. The parent company Altria bought them and decided to pull out of the international market. Atlantic Vapor is by far the best solution. Absolute and menthol taste exactly the same! Magic mist is low qualityI felt and Vinto looks like some thing you would buy at a circus, also lesser quality. Atlantic is from US and have been replacing GreenSmoke in... Read more

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Well Green Smoke - Although I think your Customer Care to your Loyal UK users has been Despicable and also to your UK staff who have had to deal with irate phone calls from UK Customers wanting to know what's going on you have done me a favour. After finding out through other sources you are no longer providing the UK with your products I was left to research other e.cig companies and have found a fantastic alternative. Halo e.cigs. Their... Read more

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I have been trying to buy from the Green Smoke website for weeks now but the message says they are having operational issues. I phoned and spoke to someone to try and find out how long before I could buy again and got no helpful answer. I tried the live chat, which was utterly useless and no help at all. So does anyone know if they are closing down? I have switched to V2 in the meantime which involved a lot of expense with batteries, chargers... Read more

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I've been using Greensmoke ecigs for 2-3 years and although they were more expensive than my previous brand -Socialites, I liked the menthol flavour very much. I have to agree with a previous reviewer though- the tips no longer last as long as they used to so now in comparison, they are expensive. I tried to order on Friday 18 March, knowing that if the next packs of tips didn't last long, I would change my supplier. I couldn't order and had the... Read more

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