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We have used greensmoke for 5 yrs..Recently they changed their formulation for all their flavors...Needless to say we are done !.Customer care didn't seem real concerned when I shared how they have screwed up their entire company.. They have apparently let all their customer care reps/affiliates go and you can tell so when you call them now...On to v2 Add comment

What a fecking Liberty ! Not only been constantly ripped off by this company by cartridges that do not last and batteries that don't hold the charge… They change the flavours saying they are the same and it's only a name change ! I stupidly order 20 of the new flavour signature red and I am horrified to find it is nothing like the original. I rang green smoke and was told other people like... Read more

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I used GS for 3+ years. Over time the product went from great to subpar. A cartridge would last from 1 day to 1 hour, totally inconsistent. Customer service was always helpful but the company deletes any negative reviews. One day in July 2015, I open an email from GS saying they will not longer be shipping products to the state I live in. No forewarning. No explanation. I took one of their... Read more

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I have been using green smoke since August 2015. The cartridges are affordable and tasted great. The last order i placed for 15 packs should have lasted until February however they are already gone. This being due to the cartridges not lasting as long. Using two a day instead of 1. So i called green smoke wonderful customer service sent me 4 new packs and asked that i return the defective ones. ... Read more

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I agree with all the reviews where the reviewer is disgusted with Green Smoke. The quality has gone down hill. And now they are out of my cartridges (Absolute Tobacco .6%) and have no idea when they are getting more. The next level up makes my throat sore. When the company was purchased by a bigger company, the whole thing went to h*ll. First they required a signature for delivery. That is... Read more

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I have used greensmoke for plus minus 2.5 years. Cartomizers empty in a few puffs. I also started realizing that to exchange the packet of cartomizers for a full one, was absolutely no problem! No resistence, no questions, almost as if they are happy to give more! I believe that this is to keep people'drugged' and that this is a means of getting people to keep on using this extrenely dangerous... Read more

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I had been a loyal customer of greensmokes for almost three years. Big tobacco took over this company and ruined the product. What use to last all day, turned into 4 cartridges a day and the true flavor was gone after a few puffs. I loved gold, had hoped it was the only one ruined...not true, red and absolute was also the same way. Stop using completely in May 2015 even with 7 packs of... Read more

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I've dealt with this company for a couple of years. Never had a problem until recently, they say they have 1st class customer service I needed a couple of batteries replaced I've been told through emails they'll make it right. Got a voice mail, from a guy named Larry that they were going to send my batteries & a little extra for the trouble. Tried to call back yesterday and couldn't get a... Read more

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Quality control, poor. Pricing is to high for cartridges. Add comment

Have been using GS since my wife bought me a kit at Christmas. Cannot afford cartridges any more way over priced so have gone back to my roll ups that cost me 6.00 for 8 days. Shame they have out priced themselves and too little discount days. Read more

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